Wednesday, November 22, 2006

What I want in my life?

I am feeling very much of confused.. lost...stressed... Due to lots of uncertainty that I am facing right now... My studies is giving me stress.. I hope I can pass my degree and grad w/o extension!! Praying hard...
My job.. I had been offered a new job.. was kinda headhuntered for this job.. As they mention someone refer me to the company... And I am suppose to start work next mon. But, other company are calling me for interview.. I am really lost.. confused.. which path shall I choose??

1. The new job has alot more uncertainty but better prospect if I can prove my performance.


2. I should go back to normal kind of office job taking a fix income but the job provide with more security.

EEK!!! I dunno what to do... Maybe I should try to relax out.. things shld work out fine.. I suppose in one to two mth.. the answer will be more obvious..

My result will be out by then and the job I will somehow be able to find out if it suits me... BUT, this one to two mth.. I will still in the state of confusion.... thats the worst part!! I m totally no mood.. hav lots of things to share and blog.. but jus no mood... Hope this stress.. confusion... sianness.. will goes off soon...

Dear God give me some guidance pls..............................

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Done lots of time wasting stuff to relax after exam!!!

After spending a few sat or sun wif pong doing "Gallery". It's COMPLETED!! yeah.. many asked the purpose of doing this.. I know its kinda waste of time. BUT, you spend time to watch tv also waste time le..LOL.. at least i feel so satisfy looking at it when its completed. lalala...

Nice rite? It's art okay.. only those who know how to appreicate... hoho......

Sat after my exam.. I went to expo wif my mum.... It's veri crowed.....
We had 10 stick of CitySatay and long Q le.......
My mum bought some sausage and ham... while waiting i was so bored so "snap".. but their hand move so fast... cant see properly..
Try again... BUT.. failed...
Yeah!! I did it!! So bo liao....hahaha....

Actually wanted to chill out at a pub after expo.. but pong was wearing short and slipper.. so cannot la.. We went to somewhere near to expo...
Can see??

As usual.. our best hobbies.. we took lots of silly photos...

Pong trying to copy the pose of the sleeping man beside us.. funny la....

Mine turn.......

Friday, November 17, 2006


Sunday, November 12, 2006

A date wif the sea.....

YAWN!! I am so tired today! My body is aching abit. Luckily, I run alot lately and don't feel so much ache. I had a fun day at east coast park yester. Cycling from 11 till 2pm... We had cycle from the middle and to both end of ecp. So fun!! Ecp its so lively and din know they hav so much activites: Goft, sea sailing, adv course, model car training and lots.. we took lots of photos. I will post less of me and more of pong in this posting. As I don't have any make up on and look so fat.... So it will be him... Hahaha... Its such a Sunny day..Despite of so much rain lately... pong became so much tanner.. Me wasnt too bad and tks to the sun block he gt for me..
Last pic: Silly pong acting so pityful wif his leg stuck in the sand!

Pong Q up for my breakfast. He told me its popular and taste great. Looking at the Q.. I think it shouldn't be too bad..

Taa... laa.... Tats my rib bone noodle.. Yummy!!

We r at the jetty where lots of ppl fishing...

Me wif our twin bicycle

Again we took lots of photos by the sea... We jus simply luv photo taking...

Our self prepared food: Nice cracker biscult and tuna

Taken wif the tree sleep bag

Pong on sleeping bag

It's me!!

We both start to take lots of silly photo .. like kicking water.. LOL

oUR foot print!

Its enjoyable... the first pic suppose to be the last pic but I don't know why it became missing and I don't know how to place the photo back... need to improve my blogging skill further once I have time...

Friday, November 10, 2006

Why am I so unlucky!!

I am suppose to be a happy gal. After.. I went JB to cut and treatment my hair wif my mum. We had also eaten a gd japanese meal there. Its nice but I was too happy eating.. so.. I forgot to take photo.. hahaha... Back to the topic... WHY??? am i sad???

Bcos of this lor.. sian.. so unlucky le.. I was caught at the custom. I used to bring in gums but nv get caught. It was so sad to get caught!! I bring abt $10 worth gum. This is not the amount that matters and got caught. As beside me, there is a guy wif only two stalk of bubble gum.. also CAUGHT!! So, I believe.. Its a STRICT day.. I even start debating once I am caught.

Custom: You cannot bring this one!!
Me: But I thought nowadays singapore allows sugar free gums like those i bought at my dental.
Custom: But those... was for dental use.
Me: Really? I thought no diff?? I din know abt it...
Custom: Follow me to a room and asked my mum to stay outside
I know nothing too bad shld happen. They cant possible put me into jail bcos of gum. BUT.. any fine involved??
I follow her to the room and she told down my details of passport.
Me: What will happen?
Custom: I will destory the gum and take ur details for record.
Hai.. So unlucky le...
I wonder if the custom is enjoying happily of my gums!!!!
This gum are those i successfully smugged b4..
The more funny part is:
My mum was so happy abt it.. She claim that I will eat less of such nonsense.. Hai..
My GUMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 09, 2006


I feeling tired of the endless of exam, assign, work... I WAN HOLIDAY NOW!!! I know its not possible to be immediately but its should be as soon as possible. I need some break to relax out. I am looking forward to a holiday with my friends to Malacca in dec. But, I have a BAD feeling that it will not a successful one. Really hope I am Wrong! No doubt I will be going China wif my family and relative during X'mas and Hk during new year. But, I just hope I can still get a short get away from Singapore. (Note: JB, is NOT COUNTED as a holiday!!)
Since I had take up my uni programe over abt 20 plus mths. I had not been to any decent holiday. (Not regret for my degree but I jus want to complaint!!) Except, the one I went on my bdae. Two day one nite at Batam. But, so pityful right? I LOVE holiday as it give me at least a clear break from work and an escape from Singapore.
SO... I pray.. I wish.. a holiday falls soon...
Thanks for hearing my complaint!
Here's some unique photos to share while I am in Batam and taken while on bus when I am on my way back to hotel:

What is it ABOUT? I am not sure. Maybe its ART!! LOL...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Cooking is still better than getting my feet wet

What is the choice for my lunch?

1)Walking to and fro, frm my hse to the nearest eating hse -20 min, provided I don't choose a long queuing stall

2)Cooking my own food - 15min, BUT, plus the effort and washing up.

3) Don't take my lunch, BUT, I will ended up eating lots of junk food. So, CANNOT!!

I will rather cook as long as there is ingredient at home. I am just too lazy to be outside esp during this cozy raining day. The thought of getting my feet dirty and wet is so EEK...

Ingredient: Oil Mee, fish cake, corn, prawn, veg ham.
Taste good! My mum praised too.. I am a happy gal now! Lalala..
This is the drink I had. It's very nice and its loved by my family. It's not only for drink but also to be used as jam. It's easily available in Prima Supermarket. Incase you don't know. It's logo its leaf like and green in color. We start to fall in luv wif this when my bro went Korea and bought something simliar home.
Nice nice..

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Some stuff to relax ur eyes

Feeling more relax now? Or sleeply? haha...

I had worked for 15 company over 10 years

Currently, I am taking a break from work. I am busy with exam and assignment now. Since I am not working, I have alot more free time to do whatever I want. I feel very relax but sometimes it can be bored. I had assignment to be completed by fri. But, I was feeling bored.
I start to recall the past job I had done so far. I had started working since 10 years ago when I was seconday two. Oh yes!! I was working underage for my 1st job and used someone ic. So daring eh... Most of them are part time job done during school holidays and weekends. I had came up alist of the job I had done so far:

Part Time
1. York hotel – waitress, 5/hr
2. Charity soap selling (one day only), commission based about $20?
3. Pasta Fresca – waitress, 5/hr
4. Isetan – x’mas gift wrapper, 4/hr? ( can’t actually rber)
5. Singtel – admin assistant, 5/hr
6. Creative - Nomad awareness promoter, 8/hr
7. Intek(correct name?) – goods sorter, 8/hr
8. Telephone marketing (can’t recall the company name)
9. Pamphlet – It was in Sg years back. Currently, the mobile company seems to be not existing in Singapore which I had checked the operator like M1, Starhub, etc, done the job in orchard for two day, 8/hr
10. Computer promoter at expo, commission based, one day only, sold two computer set? $50?
11. Chicky duck (children apparent shop) 5/hr
12. Lucky baby ( baby product, pram, bed, etc) 5/hr
13. Fitti (Baby Diapers) 50 per day (7 hr)
14. Display concept promo ( Advertising and promotion firm)
- Supermarket goods: diapers, food, chill sauce, (60 per day – 7 hr)
- Airport liquor: Jack Daniel, Gold Label (70 per day- 7 hr)
- Free gift distribution, sanity napkin (I won’t dare to do it now)
I got the job for 12. but the boss suz then the sales rep for 13 approached me. Later, the boss for 14 approached me with a higher pay. The best boss in term of salary negotiation for a part time job. (The longest part time job I did and lasted about 2 year plus)

Full Time
15. Customer Service – Executive Assistant ($**,00)
16. Admin Executive (Convert degree salary upon completion of degree)

I had gain alot of experience from the work I had. Its fun actually. Rather than spending my time on time wasting stuff. The best part is I can afford to get anything I want, since most of the money I earn is kept by me. That's explain why I am not rich yet. LOL

The healthy side of me!!

Actually, I admit my lifestyle might not be very healthy. As I do sleep after mid-night, go clubbing ( get second hand smoke), eat lots of junk food. But.. I do have my healthy side:

I had abt one and half bottle of this drink daily. This bottle contain abt 1litre of water.
I do visit gym regularly. Recently, I had start my daily half an hour run. Today, I had jus accomplished: 40min, speed 9.0, distance 5.5km and burn abt 500 cal. According to the screen show after my run. LOL!! Just feel proud what I had completed. Hope I am determind to carry on in long run.
Some tips for running:(not expert but just advise I had learnt)
- Do good warm up before run and warm down after run. This is really good as you will feel less muscle aching the next day.
- If you are not considering long distance running. Use your nose to breath in and mouth to breath out. Its effective to keep me in breath most of the time.
- Indoor runninng like gym will burn more cal. As I had read from some article, you feel comfort in air-conditioning place while workout and tend to spend more time doing it. Track mill it's more comfort and good for your leg as compare to outdoor running.
Ha.. what is this?? I got my bro to purchase this army short for me and its comfort.. not only tat...
This army shoe is also very comfort as its mean for cross training. My younger bro bought on last day of ORD. So FAST!! Am i getting old?

Monday, November 06, 2006

These are my gym survivor kit: Sport shoe, water, mp3 and home keys. Trying to learn combine photo together for easy viewing. I was quite new to photoshop. Anyone wanna guide me?

Yes.. this is impt! If not, how to go home le?? :P

This is the view seen on my track mill.
Alot of ppl will held bbq there, esp wkend - "You will need to gym after intensive eating!! "
After so much gym, I thought I would had lose some weight. But...

I recalled I ate half a bottle of this the middle of last night. OMG!!

Even it's label as healthy snack as it's just nut w/o any salt or honey. Hai.. what is done cannot be undone..