Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Cooking is still better than getting my feet wet

What is the choice for my lunch?

1)Walking to and fro, frm my hse to the nearest eating hse -20 min, provided I don't choose a long queuing stall

2)Cooking my own food - 15min, BUT, plus the effort and washing up.

3) Don't take my lunch, BUT, I will ended up eating lots of junk food. So, CANNOT!!

I will rather cook as long as there is ingredient at home. I am just too lazy to be outside esp during this cozy raining day. The thought of getting my feet dirty and wet is so EEK...

Ingredient: Oil Mee, fish cake, corn, prawn, veg ham.
Taste good! My mum praised too.. I am a happy gal now! Lalala..
This is the drink I had. It's very nice and its loved by my family. It's not only for drink but also to be used as jam. It's easily available in Prima Supermarket. Incase you don't know. It's logo its leaf like and green in color. We start to fall in luv wif this when my bro went Korea and bought something simliar home.
Nice nice..


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