Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The healthy side of me!!

Actually, I admit my lifestyle might not be very healthy. As I do sleep after mid-night, go clubbing ( get second hand smoke), eat lots of junk food. But.. I do have my healthy side:

I had abt one and half bottle of this drink daily. This bottle contain abt 1litre of water.
I do visit gym regularly. Recently, I had start my daily half an hour run. Today, I had jus accomplished: 40min, speed 9.0, distance 5.5km and burn abt 500 cal. According to the screen show after my run. LOL!! Just feel proud what I had completed. Hope I am determind to carry on in long run.
Some tips for running:(not expert but just advise I had learnt)
- Do good warm up before run and warm down after run. This is really good as you will feel less muscle aching the next day.
- If you are not considering long distance running. Use your nose to breath in and mouth to breath out. Its effective to keep me in breath most of the time.
- Indoor runninng like gym will burn more cal. As I had read from some article, you feel comfort in air-conditioning place while workout and tend to spend more time doing it. Track mill it's more comfort and good for your leg as compare to outdoor running.
Ha.. what is this?? I got my bro to purchase this army short for me and its comfort.. not only tat...
This army shoe is also very comfort as its mean for cross training. My younger bro bought on last day of ORD. So FAST!! Am i getting old?


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