Monday, November 06, 2006

Last day

My last day attending uni class. I attended my last tutorial. Enjoyed a lot. Being more attentive than usual. LOL! I enjoyed my uni life as I had learnt a lot from the classes I attended. Only bad part its: Exams & Loads of assign. Look forward to complete the uni program soon!

After my uni pal (below) left me when he had completed his uni. He introduced his poly friend to me. Enjoy her company during my uni life. Catch up soon! Conti to work hard in the uni! All the best! Taken at our fav coffee hse - Salma
Taa... Laa... The other great uni pal! "Terence Tan"A smart guy!
The photo of the name card is quite blur. I had tried taking of it a few times. I suppose my photo taking skill still need improvement.
It's my fav eating place during break between classes. It is a malay eating hse. Reasonable price. Offer catering too and its popluar. So pls make advance booking: Salma

Best tutor I know in unisa. I crop myself as I look so unnatural in the photo.


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