Monday, November 06, 2006

My Lovely Grandma

Today, I went to my grandma's hse. She stay very far from us. It's near Kembangan Mrt. The travelling time it's about 90min. SO FAR!!! I used to visit her more often a few years back. But now was too busy with work and study and only able to see her during Chinese New Year. Actually, I had been missing her. She has been very kind to me. Always buy tonic for me and pass to my family members whenever they visited her. Yesterday, I look at her closely. She really had aged. It make me think that I really have to treasure my love one before it's too late. And this remind me of a show Click. The lesson learnt from the show it's "treasure our love one before it's too late". DON'T ever fast over your life and regret later.

That's my lovely grandma. And on the left its my good brother. Thanks for the treat b4 my class!! Happy lunar bdae!
Love you!
Naughty cousin!

The other cousin...


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