Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I had worked for 15 company over 10 years

Currently, I am taking a break from work. I am busy with exam and assignment now. Since I am not working, I have alot more free time to do whatever I want. I feel very relax but sometimes it can be bored. I had assignment to be completed by fri. But, I was feeling bored.
I start to recall the past job I had done so far. I had started working since 10 years ago when I was seconday two. Oh yes!! I was working underage for my 1st job and used someone ic. So daring eh... Most of them are part time job done during school holidays and weekends. I had came up alist of the job I had done so far:

Part Time
1. York hotel – waitress, 5/hr
2. Charity soap selling (one day only), commission based about $20?
3. Pasta Fresca – waitress, 5/hr
4. Isetan – x’mas gift wrapper, 4/hr? ( can’t actually rber)
5. Singtel – admin assistant, 5/hr
6. Creative - Nomad awareness promoter, 8/hr
7. Intek(correct name?) – goods sorter, 8/hr
8. Telephone marketing (can’t recall the company name)
9. Pamphlet – It was in Sg years back. Currently, the mobile company seems to be not existing in Singapore which I had checked the operator like M1, Starhub, etc, done the job in orchard for two day, 8/hr
10. Computer promoter at expo, commission based, one day only, sold two computer set? $50?
11. Chicky duck (children apparent shop) 5/hr
12. Lucky baby ( baby product, pram, bed, etc) 5/hr
13. Fitti (Baby Diapers) 50 per day (7 hr)
14. Display concept promo ( Advertising and promotion firm)
- Supermarket goods: diapers, food, chill sauce, (60 per day – 7 hr)
- Airport liquor: Jack Daniel, Gold Label (70 per day- 7 hr)
- Free gift distribution, sanity napkin (I won’t dare to do it now)
I got the job for 12. but the boss suz then the sales rep for 13 approached me. Later, the boss for 14 approached me with a higher pay. The best boss in term of salary negotiation for a part time job. (The longest part time job I did and lasted about 2 year plus)

Full Time
15. Customer Service – Executive Assistant ($**,00)
16. Admin Executive (Convert degree salary upon completion of degree)

I had gain alot of experience from the work I had. Its fun actually. Rather than spending my time on time wasting stuff. The best part is I can afford to get anything I want, since most of the money I earn is kept by me. That's explain why I am not rich yet. LOL


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey... hard life leh, so early come out to work le... done so many jobs, so when you can be your own boss?

Tuesday, November 07, 2006  
Blogger My_Life_My_World said...

Hmm.. boss? Can.. you provide me wif captial la...haha..

Tuesday, November 07, 2006  
Anonymous WeNdy said...

hey gal, wah i realised ur job listings all quite familiar lei, hehe, shows tat we really knew each other for donkey years liao...rem the pasta fresca we went interview together somemore...n isetan, we went together one, but kena different dept la, remi always go find u during lunch etc, n its is intertek la, the company really easy money eh, nobody control, we just chit chat all the way while working, although environment not very good...but is real easy money at tat time eh...n singtel! tats the place I intro u to Joanne and gang! woash!! so many years liao..hehe..Im proud to be your fren! n Im happy to have u as fren...n Joanne too..toast to our long-standing frenship!~~ WeNdy

Tuesday, November 07, 2006  
Anonymous ziyu said...

ooh i know who u are talking abt...hahaha...dunno if '**dy & ****ew is still in the industry... =p

Tuesday, November 07, 2006  
Blogger My_Life_My_World said...

Yes yu.. its them.. i still rber they cheated me.. din give me my lunch time $$ which they had promised.. and ur $$ too rite?? don't know if they had given u...and i rber i purposely send u a msg to scold them and forward to them.. made them so angry lor..LOL..

Tuesday, November 07, 2006  
Blogger My_Life_My_World said...

Hey wendy.. yes while writing the blog.. i rber its you n me.. keke... we had been thru so much together.. the pasta job.. i rber they had called you but u had rejected so i had take on the job.. keke... i rber the isetan one.. u did for manago.. and i rber you told me the customer so suz.. its so airy... tot they rich can kill ppl.. ahiyo...the intertek one.. so fun eh... actually we can earn even more by doing ot.. rber there is two guy keep doing ot?? keke.. and that side gt so much cloth... seems so useless but when i gt some of it home.. it come handy when i wanna clean my room... cos the small piece of cloth its quite good quality.. and i also rber ur mum did one pink hp pouch for me... so sweet....tks again!! lastly during singtel u were wif jo in singapore power the job i did for full time... sg so small eh..

We had grew together so far... will conti to grow and treasure our friendship esp wif jo and the rest of the gang.. Luv you!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006  

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