Wednesday, November 22, 2006

What I want in my life?

I am feeling very much of confused.. lost...stressed... Due to lots of uncertainty that I am facing right now... My studies is giving me stress.. I hope I can pass my degree and grad w/o extension!! Praying hard...
My job.. I had been offered a new job.. was kinda headhuntered for this job.. As they mention someone refer me to the company... And I am suppose to start work next mon. But, other company are calling me for interview.. I am really lost.. confused.. which path shall I choose??

1. The new job has alot more uncertainty but better prospect if I can prove my performance.


2. I should go back to normal kind of office job taking a fix income but the job provide with more security.

EEK!!! I dunno what to do... Maybe I should try to relax out.. things shld work out fine.. I suppose in one to two mth.. the answer will be more obvious..

My result will be out by then and the job I will somehow be able to find out if it suits me... BUT, this one to two mth.. I will still in the state of confusion.... thats the worst part!! I m totally no mood.. hav lots of things to share and blog.. but jus no mood... Hope this stress.. confusion... sianness.. will goes off soon...

Dear God give me some guidance pls..............................


Anonymous Pong said...

Don't worry ok. I am sure you will be able to make it through. You will definitely pass your exam and get a new suitable job for yourself. Meanwhile just relax yourself for awhile after working so hard for the past two years of working and studying k... You might be confused and uncertain but don't forget that it will be over soon. Look forward for your holiday end this month k... Smile

Wednesday, December 06, 2006  

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