Sunday, November 12, 2006

A date wif the sea.....

YAWN!! I am so tired today! My body is aching abit. Luckily, I run alot lately and don't feel so much ache. I had a fun day at east coast park yester. Cycling from 11 till 2pm... We had cycle from the middle and to both end of ecp. So fun!! Ecp its so lively and din know they hav so much activites: Goft, sea sailing, adv course, model car training and lots.. we took lots of photos. I will post less of me and more of pong in this posting. As I don't have any make up on and look so fat.... So it will be him... Hahaha... Its such a Sunny day..Despite of so much rain lately... pong became so much tanner.. Me wasnt too bad and tks to the sun block he gt for me..
Last pic: Silly pong acting so pityful wif his leg stuck in the sand!

Pong Q up for my breakfast. He told me its popular and taste great. Looking at the Q.. I think it shouldn't be too bad..

Taa... laa.... Tats my rib bone noodle.. Yummy!!

We r at the jetty where lots of ppl fishing...

Me wif our twin bicycle

Again we took lots of photos by the sea... We jus simply luv photo taking...

Our self prepared food: Nice cracker biscult and tuna

Taken wif the tree sleep bag

Pong on sleeping bag

It's me!!

We both start to take lots of silly photo .. like kicking water.. LOL

oUR foot print!

Its enjoyable... the first pic suppose to be the last pic but I don't know why it became missing and I don't know how to place the photo back... need to improve my blogging skill further once I have time...


Anonymous Pong said...

KeKeKe... Have lots of fun on that Sunday too... Remember the ice at 7-Eleven & there is still a lucky draw for the rental of the twin bicycle... We took lots of photos too... HaHaHa...

Friday, November 17, 2006  

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