Thursday, November 09, 2006


I feeling tired of the endless of exam, assign, work... I WAN HOLIDAY NOW!!! I know its not possible to be immediately but its should be as soon as possible. I need some break to relax out. I am looking forward to a holiday with my friends to Malacca in dec. But, I have a BAD feeling that it will not a successful one. Really hope I am Wrong! No doubt I will be going China wif my family and relative during X'mas and Hk during new year. But, I just hope I can still get a short get away from Singapore. (Note: JB, is NOT COUNTED as a holiday!!)
Since I had take up my uni programe over abt 20 plus mths. I had not been to any decent holiday. (Not regret for my degree but I jus want to complaint!!) Except, the one I went on my bdae. Two day one nite at Batam. But, so pityful right? I LOVE holiday as it give me at least a clear break from work and an escape from Singapore.
SO... I pray.. I wish.. a holiday falls soon...
Thanks for hearing my complaint!
Here's some unique photos to share while I am in Batam and taken while on bus when I am on my way back to hotel:

What is it ABOUT? I am not sure. Maybe its ART!! LOL...


Anonymous Wendy said...

Wahaha! Im here to drop comments again, seems like im ur loyal fan eh? anyway, funny, tis afternoon, still haven read ur blog, on msn still telling u " NVM, cant go Malacca, JB oso gOOd" Wahaha! din noe u already post in ur blog tat JB not considered...but wAit, think JB not considerd holiday..WITHOUT ME!! With me around, JB or any place oso holiday la! wahaha thick skin..anyway dun complain la...with ur tight schedule, Batam is already a good choice to spend such special day with tat special person in ur life liao...must appreciate la..cheers! can count down to ur graduation liao, u no longer qualified to complain liao gal, my turn to complain..n u better listen woh :)

Thursday, November 09, 2006  
Blogger My_Life_My_World said...

Thanks gal for reading my blog. Muackz.. This is a very good way that we can communicate.

ALL friends out there!! Do also drop some comments and allow me to know what you think about this blog or me!

YES!! Wendy!! Having holidays with you will be more FUN!! LOOK FORWARD!! I will only grad soon if I am able to pass my degree as there is some other subject hang unknown of result!! OH NO!! Lastly, don't worry I will always hear your complaint as long as I can!! We will be best of friends of coz not forget the other besti who is JO A and will NV be missed!! Hav a good day ahead! I will be going JB wif my mum to cut and treatment our hair.

Next time, will be wif YOU!! YEAH!!!

Thursday, November 09, 2006  

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