Friday, November 10, 2006

Why am I so unlucky!!

I am suppose to be a happy gal. After.. I went JB to cut and treatment my hair wif my mum. We had also eaten a gd japanese meal there. Its nice but I was too happy eating.. so.. I forgot to take photo.. hahaha... Back to the topic... WHY??? am i sad???

Bcos of this lor.. sian.. so unlucky le.. I was caught at the custom. I used to bring in gums but nv get caught. It was so sad to get caught!! I bring abt $10 worth gum. This is not the amount that matters and got caught. As beside me, there is a guy wif only two stalk of bubble gum.. also CAUGHT!! So, I believe.. Its a STRICT day.. I even start debating once I am caught.

Custom: You cannot bring this one!!
Me: But I thought nowadays singapore allows sugar free gums like those i bought at my dental.
Custom: But those... was for dental use.
Me: Really? I thought no diff?? I din know abt it...
Custom: Follow me to a room and asked my mum to stay outside
I know nothing too bad shld happen. They cant possible put me into jail bcos of gum. BUT.. any fine involved??
I follow her to the room and she told down my details of passport.
Me: What will happen?
Custom: I will destory the gum and take ur details for record.
Hai.. So unlucky le...
I wonder if the custom is enjoying happily of my gums!!!!
This gum are those i successfully smugged b4..
The more funny part is:
My mum was so happy abt it.. She claim that I will eat less of such nonsense.. Hai..
My GUMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous Pong said...

Poor thing... Dun be sad abt it k... Buy you more when we go JB next time...

Friday, November 17, 2006  
Blogger My_Life_My_World said...

ok.. but u carry hor.. haha.. if not i caught again might be fine le... tks dear... LOL!

Friday, November 17, 2006  

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