Saturday, March 24, 2007

How many times in ur life ppl say that U.. U CANT?

A place many dream to be in. Costa Rica

Do u actually believe it??? When u r told u cant?

For me, usually not. Thats why I am named as stubborn as I had mentioned b4!LOL

But, why not?

Bcos, all these word "u can't" its stop ones DREAM!

The latest I cant I heard was getting myself promoted for my previous job as a Executive Officer from a Executive Assistant.

Other major one will over taking my degree in UNISA while working at the same time (some ppl do choose a more relax or flexible job while studying but i am unable to change and even try to climb higher)


Maybe.. Yes!

But, usually I don't create such impression for others.

I hate OVER boastful ppl! And i actually feel sad for such ppl as their self confidence its pretty low to hav such act. LOL

Am I doing very well now?

Not yet.. but I WILL!

aND they these kind ppl advised the word i cant. I will have to decide myself again if to take action to do what i believe i wanted or jus believe their word that i cant

usually i will still go ahead.. LOL..

I had heard comment like you are not capable and stuff...

But do I wan to care so much?

Neh... its my life.. I cares only and noone shall need to interfere if it stop my dreams to come to!

Dream its to be realized and not jus stay in mind... pls... LOL

Dare to dream! DARE TO BE!


depend on who u r....

slacker? or hard working person who believe independent rulzes!

You might fail but as long as u r willing to try..nothing its impossible or too hard...

Today there will be a sushi making session!

Yeah, I luv cooking!

My skill its improving... Lol

yester.. i cooked lunch and get scolded and i feel happy still... LOL

I MUST be mad rite? I get scolding from my mum bcos the meal i cook for them its too little. WHY?

bCOS my mum say it taste gd and not enuff for three person.. tats why the other person its angry... oops.... LOL

Tks mum! I learnt so much from you! You are such a great cook! Hugz....

Today its sushi day! I will go back to catch more sleep and go cold storage to get fresh ingredient later!



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