Friday, March 23, 2007

Blogging is a gd way to voice out.....

I don't usually complainted alot in abt my life to others. As I felt that its irritated and nuisance to keep telling others my probs. Bcos I don't have such time and so do others. The busy life we hav don't allow too much of complaint and we need to keep it within.


Now, i found a gd way..... and i don't need to disturb others in a comfort way...


But DO be sensitive and careful when u blog.. if not you will ONLY be suitable to write personal diary cause noone will see it.

Check this out!

some of you might been to this website already since they are being featured in newspaper.. the latest post of ALDO is by ME! LOL..

the website organizer is quite direct! I was too kind when i posted it and ask if they want to put the name as ALDO or A_D_

this is the reply of their email...

Keep up the gd work! =)


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