Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hometown Video

I haven got the mood to update anything decent over the past few mths. I have thought over and puck up my courage to move on strongly again. The durian is alive again!! Haha... I would like to share a few short videos that I had taken during last yr xmas when I am in my hometown back in china...

this is the fire cracker that is put whenever we visit our ancestor tomb. I heard from my relative that the reason of putting the firecracker is to wake our ancestor up and let them know we are here to pay them visit.

I am kinda crowd actually.. why??

bcos when the cracker are on fire i tend to stand behind someone..

and the rational is.. anything happen i will hav a shield.. haha.. bad rite??

btw, the video shld be more perfect if the person had not block the view while video is being taken. I think my bro had to keep shifting to get the full view of firecracker!! eek...

if you are wondering what the heck is this??? this is the container then shoot out beautiful firework. In china,its legal to play firework. Unlike singapore,we can only play the little sparker which its so uninteresting. And sadly, that's what i play during cny :(

the following two video consist of beautiful firework but its kinda short... its not quite comfortable to take the video in a longer time. My younger bro who take most of the picture and video for the firework.. complaint that the ash keep dropping from the sky and its unbearable as its keep irritate his eyes. I think maybe the distance its too near... tats why...

shall post up more video another day.. tata...


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