Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Love my life now!


I am jus like this lion i need to roar out alone to relieve the stress...


I feel so gd now! I had found my direction already! Enjoy life now.. really had not been feeling so relieve.. the add on stress over the year to causing me to become breathless! I cant even breath properly and kept hav to take deep breath in order to feel comfort. Refusing to see doc again and again.. hai.. so stubborn.. today i finally went to see Chinese doc.. hopefully i will be a obedient girl and stick to the medi till i recover! cos i went there once and stop going there after awhile.. becos i am stubborn.. haha..

I am going for some holiday.. to reward myself.. april will be malcaa and may will be phuket... might go indo to attend my cousin wedding in oct...

i wanna to blog more.. cos really gd mood.. but i am having some headache right now... i think i will take a rest... if not i will start to show my blur effect.. haha..


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