Monday, March 19, 2007

Not much sleep last night

I think I am really a emotional animal. I get upset so easily. Sad factor that I heard my friend experiencing will also affect me in some degree. esp those life and death case.
Life is so fragile. I can understand bad health will always affect ones life. It always come unexpectedly and landed up one in a very bad shape for a undefined period of time. BUT.. I think staying positive its still the best way to survive through these dark period. Being depressed will not get you any help. Do u know ur short term memory will be affected quite badly if you are too depressed? For those who had ever experienced depression. (Since its kinda of common nowadays.Cos its even on tv ma... ha ha..) You can try out some of those IQ test that provide a good anazlye of the result. You will be surprised that the section you scored related to short term memory will be lower than average. How i know eh?? Cos I am smart lor... hahaha....actually.. i like to know more abt these health stuff and had read alot abt it... so.. i can take prevention against it... women its more emotional in some way.. and also helps to deal with some of those emotional mood swing during our period..

SO.. don be too sad over things that already happened.. don't have too much memory flash back to haunt urself... spare urself k.. once its over.. we shld look forward and find solution rather sitting there keep thinking or even crying... its not easy.. but try your best k... if not you will be a very forgetful

Going rollar blade later at pasir park. Hope I will have less fall today. Hoho... I used to play rollar blade in my secondary school days at void deck with one of my friend. At that time, we were still poor student. And.. We had one friend lending us the blade. So.. we take turn to play at void deck.. And hor.. we used to smell something weird...and wonder why... much later on.. we realized one of the pipe there its sewage pipe..



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