Friday, March 23, 2007

Time to work hard like I used to

I had given myself a good break! Working, studying, r/s, family and friends is to be balanced over the past two yr.

After this short break....

Now its really refreshing.... i rejected many offer over and over.. Now its time to move on.. as boredom has hit and its a signal to WORK HARD again.

The same kind of offer that I am interested in. But this time with a different person. Not too sure abt it. As too many advise abt the cunning way these ppl handle things.

But, i think now its the best time to explore. My main motive its to gain explosure. Earning money its important but gaining experience will be even better.

That's why i choose this path. I have no lose at all in this situation. Even I might be able to get a better prospect job. But I would like to try out my ability like I always like to. And I have interest in this too.

The challenge of uni life its almost over. Now, time to take another kind of challenge.

Wish me luck! I will have a sky of mine.


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