Saturday, May 05, 2007

Professional Look .. Do I?

How? Pro or nt?

keke.. WELCOME all kinda of comment! Tks!

Might be wondering what is my current job?

hmm... what i can say its... compared to the previous job..

its actually related to my poly n degree... which i had nt been into.. since i grad for 3 yr...

Instead of having 3 subordinate - a big private space n desk, pc, phone,printer..

Nw i work with 3 person..... share table, pc, phone, printer..but wif LOTS of flexible & motivation!


its diff company and totally diff job....

the previous its more to desk bound.. working wif manager.... attending meeting wif chairman n MD to assist them.

Nw, again.. interactive job.. which i missed alot when i held my executive position.

I actually missed.. customer talking to me.... kinda nt used to facing all the document....

cold objects...


I left after awhile... really such a hast tat i left... kinda of sick of such boring lifestyle. i cant imagine.... i must hav made disappointment to many... hmm...

No choice!


My current job will also lead me to a bright future as long as i willing!

Currently, its my learning stage.. i m just like a sponge.. absorpting as much knowledge as possible...

My exam will be next sat!

I wiil work hard!

Its a double price i paid! But its something i wanted, so no regrets!

I rather this way, then hav dirty mark in my transcipt!


1st of Sept!

Tats the next modules also the last exam date!

I suppose i will nt attend any school.. only those for own interest!

Yes! I will do well!

all the best to all my fellow uni friend....

yeah!! i shall share another nice song -- 最近


love ya!


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