Monday, April 02, 2007


I realized.. happy really can be pretended.. later on.. you might jus become so without realizing...

steps to do it:

- stop thinking of all ur probs... throw it aside

- laugh even without a reason, eg. when people tell you things you don't like it...jus laugh if off

- stay health, have enough sleep and exerise

the above are so simple stuff.. preharps everyone already aware of it. keke.. =)

so everyone should be living happily.... life its lovely.... i wanted to learn alot of stuff... the most WANTED one... its to learn music... i really love to learn singing professionally (using da tien n stuff... :P) and song composing n related... piano if possible.. since its not being fufilled during my childhood bcos my hse in hk its far too small.. :(

Music its really great.. its heal my soul every now and then.....

August... will be the best time! Not to be super star la.. haha.. just for own interest!

So guys.. my theroy of the day its.. have a goal in life... live happily!

I shall make your day happy! Not sure if you have seen this below:


love ya....


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